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1. How long does CD production take?

From the time your proofs are approved, production takes 7-10 business days. If you have a deadline that requires a rush, please ask us and we'll see what's possible.
2. What creative packaging do you offer, outside of the jewel box?

We're very fond of cardboard packaging, and have a unique option that is infinitely customizable and made in house. Ask us about our very own Square Gatefold Jacket, which can be done in 1-3 spot colours or in full colour (CMYK) - various stock options, custom die cuts, foil, emboss, and low runs are all available and affordable. Please check the "Gallery" section for photo examples.
3. Do you have an inexpensive low-run option (less than 500)?

Yes, we do! We produce high quality CD-Rs with direct to disc printing (laser), turned around in 2-5 business days, depending on the order. Low run 4 panel (birthday card style) laser print inserts and slim line (thin) jewel boxes are also available as a great add-on.

Perfect for promo, low runs, or for a CD release party date that crept up on you. Check out the "Gallery" section for photo examples, and inquire about pricing at info@samomedia.com.
1. Where do I find templates?

Our templates can be found here. Please only use our templates; for anything you can't find, please contact us and we'll set you up right away.
2. I have a question about templates/formats/technical details...

Please consult our art guide here. It's important for all designers submitting art to SAMO to go through the check list found at the bottom of the PDF. If you have a question not covered by the guide, please contact us.