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Established in 2002, SAMO media has made a name for ourselves as North America’s most dependable and competitive source for vinyl, print and CD products. Made up of musicians, record label owners and music fans, our objective is to be a valuable part of the community we grew up in.

With our decade-plus experience in pressing music media, we’ve mastered the art and science of pricing, communication, scheduling and coordination. We also place additional emphasis on often overlooked but critical areas of the process with our dedicated art and freight departments. This attention to detail helps make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible with the best quality and cost in mind.

In 2011, we officially launched our high quality 12” record jacket manufacturing facility, which you can learn more about here. This sets us apart as being the only vinyl broker in the world with a factory for making record jackets.

In 2015, we expanded again, increasing our capacity as a print shop offering CD gatefold jackets, 7" record jackets, custom inserts and booklets, all manufactured in-house.

If you’re located nearby, feel free to drop by our Toronto office for a visit between 10-6 any weekday. Otherwise, email us here for pricing and information. We work with bands, labels and distros from all across Canada, the US and overseas, and have a wealth of creative options to offer. Please get in touch today to get started!